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Among the tanks of the game the DK is to be considered the aggressive one, it allows in Flame of Ambition dlc to boost the damage of the group, in fact the combination of the skills of the DK with the new monster set Encratis's Behemoth allow a +5% damage.
In addition, the regeneration ty to the passive of the DK that concerns the ultimate put it in the first place among the tanks to choose from, just think of the union of the DK with the Argonian race (the use of potions regenerates everything) or with the Imperial race (reduction of the 6% in the use of skills), make the DK almost immortal and anyway easy to use ;).
To remember for all the tanks that the regeneration of the magicka with the new passive armor can be difficult, the Atronach mundus is essential and still be very careful when using the frost staff.

In the link as always my skill bars for the DK tank
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Tank DK

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Tank Gear

ATTRIBUTES - Test with the Argonian race
16 Magicka
32 Health
16 Stamina

-Of course these settings can change, depending on the choice of the race and therefore the passive race, i'll try to be more specific in the future;
-The ideal is to got with the food buff, more or less: +42k Health, +23k Stamina +21k Magicka.

-Longfin Pasty With Melon Sauce - Increase Max Health by 4462 and Max Magicka and Max Stamina by 4105 for 2 hours.
-Bewitched Sugar Skulls - Increase Max Health by 4620, Max Stamina and Max Magicka by 4250, and Health Recovery by 462 for 2 hours.

Nord-> +Ultimate +Spell and Physical resistance
Argonian-> +Sustain
Imperial-> +Sustain

-In general, any race can become a tank, only that you have to exploit the race passive/attributes differently.

The Atronach

FIRST BAR - One Hand and Shield

1-Unrelenting Grip: the top skill of the tank DK, taunt the enemy, reload the mana if the enemy cant be pulled, like the bosses, and also causes interrupts, fundamental for some fights where the enemies are far apart, see 2nd boss Cradle of Shadow. This skill does not always taunt the target, especially the trial bosses where the inner fire skill is to be used.
Here can be used the skill Defensive Stance in the bosses fights, coz is a very good skill to resist damage and survive;

2-Pierce Armor: in addition to taunting nearby enemies, causes a debuff to the enemy fundamental to increase the damage of all DD, then have to be used every 12 sec even if the enemy is already tauntated, many forget it.

3-Green Dragons Blood: this is the morph to choose, the best skill for self healing for the tank but is important not to abuse because it consumes mana.;

4-Igneous Shield: this skill, together with the dragon blood, allows the DK tank to do without healer skills, therefore one of those fundamental skills for the survival of the tank;

5-Heroic Slash: this skill even if often not used properly, decreases the damage of the boss and increases the ultimate points.

ULTIMATE-Magma Shell: even the tanks die, it can be replaced with "Reviving Barrier" (support skill) and you will get +10% magicka recovery from the passive.

SECOND BAR - Frost or Lightning Staff

1-Elemental Blockade: this skill is able to taunt the mobs if frost is used (but not always) or in the case of lightning staff it causes an increase in the damage for DDs stamina, I recommend using the frost staff for the further sustain that you can have; furthermore in this space other skills can be used, such as "Sanguine Altar";

2-Inner Rage: in this way between the 1st and 2nd bar the tank will got a total of 3 taunt skills, thats for a total control over the enemies;

3-Engulfing Flames: skill that every tank Dk have to use for improve the dps of the group; if in the group is present a DK Magicka or there are not DDs magicka, this spot can be considered a flex spot;

4-Balance: for configuration based in part on magicka, then with frost staff (which I recommend to everyone for greater sustain and salvation in 2 bars), this skill is very important because at low cost it regenerates your magicka;

5-Choking Talons: Often it is necessary to block mobs or adds in boss fight, this skill is ideal but it is not always necessary so this remains a flex spot for the DK tank.

ULTIMATE-Aggressive War Horn: this is a skill that buffs the dps of the group, if you are used in 2 different moments together with the healer is not bad (do not forget to enable the command /rnulti), if you have not yet unlocked the skill you can use *Standard of Might*.

Flex skills for the Tank DK are:
-Crushing Shock in 2nd bar;
-Ring of Preservation: now heal the group too;
-Bone Surge: extra shield + synergie;
-Deep Thoughts, to be used in the absence of heavy attack by the bosses and some mobs;
-Cauterize: if you want heal through magicka;
-Hardened Armor: for a extra shield;
-Dragon Fire Scales:to reduce damage from bullets;
-Cinder Storm: another skill for healing through magicka but consume more magicka;
-Deep Breath: zone interrupt + dmg.

As Ultimate "Temporal Guard" for the minor protection or "Immovable" for block in automatic and regenerate stamina in the meantime.
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