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There is no news for the NoPet build of the Sorcerer Magicka, of course the class problems of the Sorcerer Pet are also reflected on the NoPet version, the only positive note is given by the fact that there is less consumption of magicka.
I can say that the NoPet build can guarantee a good constant dps, but less than the pet version, the biggest problem is always related to the only "Crystal Fragments" skill that in non-optimized systems (therefore with old CPUs with fps losses and fluidity) does not activate regularly, at least not always, with significant loss of dps.
In conclusion I can say that the build is fine and it is also fun but in the NoPet version the Sorcerer loses personality and some of his skills should be enhanced.

In the link you will find the skills with the description and how to assign the CP points:
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Sorcerer No Pet Build

Open the link in a new window
Magicka DDs Gear

High Elf
Dark Elf
Breton (+sustain)
Vampirism: recommended

-I use the High Elf is with this update i have not encountered problems in sustaining the magicka.

DRINK - for Trials and vet DLC Dungeons
-Clockwork Citrus Filet: (Max Health, Max Magicka, Magicka Recovery) - Red Meat + Lemon + Frost Mirriam + Perfect Roe
-Ghastly Eye Bowl: (Max Magicka, Magicka Recovery) - Worms, Fleshfly Larva, Bananas, Rose; to be used for the dummie test!

-The hp points for drinks were nerfed, do some tests but it is advisable to use gold drinks or use an enchant max health in the head

The Shadow, increase the Critical Damage

Essence of Spell Power (Lady's Smock, Water Hyacint, Corn Flower);

-The Apprentice
Elfborn= 66; Spell Erosion= 10; Elemental Expert= 64
-The Atronach:
Master at Arms= 72; Staff Expert= 27
-The Ritual:
Thaumaturge= 31

The blue CPs are slightly different from the pets version, I forgot to do the tests but I'm sure you can keep the pet version too.

-Crystal Fragments
-Elemental Weapon/Force Pulse
-Hunting Curse/Daedri Pray
-Endless Fury
-Bound Aegis
ULTIMATE-Shooting Star

-Crystal Fragments
-Boundless Storm/Spell Symmetry
-Unstable Wall
-Channeled Acceleration
-Bound Aegis
ULTIMATE-Greater Storm Atronach

-The *Elemental Drain* skill is only for the dummie test, and the flex spot is only one, where the Boundless Storm skill is located;
-Is better to use here the Channeled Acceleration skill instead of Barbed Trap for the chance to proc the Crystal Fragments;
-Others skills to use in the flex spots are:
Empowered Ward, Degeneration, Critical Surge.

-Drop Ultimate "Greater Storm Atronach" on cooldown and before use the potion of spell dmg.

Channeled Acceleration

-LA-> Unstable Wall-> LA-> Boundless Storm

Use Crystal Fragments when is ready!

-LA->Haunting Curse-> LA-> Elemental Weapon (x time with LA, until the Unstable Wall go in cd)->

Use Crystal Fragments when is ready!

– Repeat

-This is an example of rotation, the aim is to get the Crystal Fragments skill proc as much as possible in both the first and second bars,
-Here you can also use the pet version Daedric Prey skill, the result will not change, on the contrary you could also have a higher dps because the Daedric Pray has a minor cd
-Activate Crystal Fragments whenever the instant proc happens. Use The Frag instead of the Elemental Weapon.
-When the life of your target falls below 20% you begin to use the Endless Fury skill, but continue to also use the Elemental Weapon skill because the Endless Fury still has a cd.

-Crystal Fragments
-Crushing Shock
-Critical Surge
-Bound Aegis
-Inner Light
ULTIMATE-Shooting Star

-Degeneration/Elemental Drain
-Elemental Blockade
-Empowered Ward
-Bound Aegis
-Inner Light
ULTIMATE-Elemental Rage

-Here you can still to use the best in slot set but i suggest you to use the False God's Devotion set;
-As Monster set for the vet MA there are other variables monster set that can be used:

Vet Maelstrom Arena Monster Set
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Might Chudan - Ruin of Mazzatun vet dungeon
Slimecraw - Wayrest Sewers I vet dungeon
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