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-It's the beginning of your entry into the guild, you still have to communicate with me, if you never answer me it means you're not suitable for the guild and it's better if you keep playing alone or in some other group.


-You are a member of the guild, you have potential or maybe not but you still have an interest in the game, too bad that this interest does not always coincide with the interests of the guild. I say this because many players with the barbas rank do not even use Discord or watch their builds for the end game.


You have shown an active interest in the guild, you often participate in guild events, use Discord, you want to communicate and play in a group. The only problem for the fighters is the boredom and not advance in a short time in that given contest, which leads them sometime to leave the game.
-DD +25k dps - With 3 million hp dummies;
-Healer + Tank -Participate in vet trials training level 1


+ for tank all purple gear (no jewerly), EBON + Any + monster set
+ for healer all purple gear (no jewerly), Olorime + healing set + monster set
Purge and Barrier skills
-DD +30k dps - With 3 million hp dummies;
-Healer + Tank - Complete the dlc dungeons vet DoM + FV


-DD +35k dps - With 6 milion hp dummies;
-Healer + Tank - Complete the dlc dungeons RoM and CoS in HM


-DD +40k dps - With 6 milion hp dummies;
-Healer + Tank - You must be Justicer, show me as you play in the vet trials training level 2


A) You are a player who loves to play in the guild, you are friendly, and i consider you my friend (especially if I shout at you)
B)When you can you sign up for events (it doesn't matter if it's just you);
C) You must be a Master to become a Champions;
D) You give priority to guild mates in Lorkhan, avoid when you can to play with random players and always ask in guild chat if someone wants to play with you.


-I'm a player like you who like to organize guild events and play in groups.
I had and i still have experiences in hardcore guilds that i love to convey to my guild mates.
The progress of the character is not easy, but it is normal because you need experience in addition to a certain number of CP.
Even if it does not seem, in a group and with the exchange of opnions everything becomes easier and faster.
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