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Lorkhan's Disciples was born with the desire to play together every aspect offered by the ESO game.
The idea is to be a community where every player can do what he wants without, of course, acting contrary to the common sense of education and respect towards all those who meet online, whether they are in guild or not. The guild is a deeply social community where activities are organized for all tastes and for everyone.
It allows anyone to play with their own style without being forced to change it. In addition to the natural involvement during leveling (normal dungeons, battle ground, delves, etc), from level 50 and 160 CP onwards it is also involved in normal trials, so as to mature trial experience, to make xp and/or improve your gear, but above all to be together and have fun in a group.
In case you are undecided and want more information about the guild, use the guild chat or wisp directly to me or one of the Vice. We will be happy to answer all your doubts.
The reference contacts are: @ ThePlayerOne77, @RudiVoges, @Seecodenotgames, and all those who have reached the + Berserker rank.
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