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These guidelines are intended to make known the spirit of the Lorkhan's Disciples guild, to allow everyone to better enjoy the activities of this guild and enable the organizers/lead events to be able to play and have fun all. The guidelines should not be considered in any way immutable, in the sense that i, together with the Vice, are always available to any discussion about them and are happy to modify them where necessary (provided they are obviously applicable to the whole community).
We want the guild to be an environment in which we are happy to be and where we are having fun. In any case, those behaviors that are inappropriate to third parties (in the guild or not) will be addressed with the consequences of the case.
Should situations arise, related to the game or organizational/behavioral, which you consider unsatisfactory/unpleasant, immediately contact me TPO or one of the Vice in this way, in a short time, to solve them.

-Who is in Lorkhan's Disciples should not be offensive, racist, homophobic, sexist etc. Any case of bullying or disrespect will be prosecuted with a recall until the immediate expulsion from the guild.
So as expected polite and respectful behavior in the guild, the same applies when participating in events not organized internally (random group). Therefore, when doing pvp, dungeons or trial pug, you expect behavior that does not put the guild in a bad light.

- Keeping in mind that we are all adults, some people may be more sensitive than others for which you require appropriate language on Discord or in a guild chat and avoid arguments that may lead to a verbal dispute - these can be tackled via whisper or by moving into another channel of Discord.

-For all players who recruit within the guild (for others guilds i mean) will be an immediate kick. Recruitment must be done in the chat zones, not here, only the recruit in the trader guild is accepted.
If someone tries to invite you into other guilds and tells you to leave this because his is better, please let me know.

-If someone asks for help, please offer it (when is possible). Who is helped today, will help tomorrow because he understands and learns that this is the spirit of the guild.

-The WTS is not accepted in the guild chat, you can sell all your stuff in the guild store and then communicate in the guild chat that you are selling a particular piece, the WTS is just a lack of respect for the guild. You can always use the guild chat to give away stuff for free of course.

If you are part of the guild, it is assumed that you have read these guidelines, so any unacceptable behavior will result in a recall the first time, expulsion from the guild in case of recidivism.
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