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This guide was taken by a guild in the US server, probably closed recently, maybe I'll add something in the future but it's done really well.
Werewolves, and Colossal Werewolves are a huge threat throughout this dungeon. Tanks must taunt them.

Jailer Melitus (Werewolf Skin NPC) First Boss

Very basic boss with a couple AOE's to watch out for.

-Channeling ability will have AOE's spawn at players' feet, so just keep moving.

-Werewolf adds spawn, and do hurt a bit (heavy attacks will one shot DPS and Healers). Cleave down or focus down the adds.

-Periodically the boss will stun a player, usually the tank, and start charging a heavy attack. This must be interrupted.

Hedge Maze Guardian Second Boss (Lurcher)

Occasionally the boss will root a player and start doing damage to them. This will kill you if ignored, so to break free you must dodge roll out of roots.

Tank: Keeps boss turned away from others when possible. One large conal AOE to watch out for. Keep boss in the center courtyard and away from Stranglers. Block all heavy attacks or be one shot.

Healer: Stays with Tank.

DD: The Lurcher is in a hedge maze, and at 80, 55, 35% health, Spriggans will activate to heal the boss back up to the trigger health percentage.

-Spriggans must be found and killed. DPS will want to stay together, and NOT spread out when hunting down Spriggans in the maze.
Stranglers are at various locations throughout the maze, and if killed they only are "stunned" for several seconds. Do not worry about killing them. If you are too close to them, they will attack you (minimal damage), or stunlock you and drain your health. If you are stunned, another player must Interrupt the Strangler. That is why DPS need to hunt TOGETHER rather than separate.

Note: Stranglers will only attack depending on how close you are too them, so move by them quickly, and attack spriggans by placing yourself furthest away from the nearby Stranglers.

Mylenne Moon-Caller Third Boss (Alpha Werewolf)

Pounce: Occasionally the boss will pounce on a random player, and stunlock them. When the boss pounces, it will also stun any players near the player it pounces, so try to stay spread apart. The boss must be interrupted by another player within approximately 3 seconds or the stunned player will be killed. All players need to keep an eye on the boss at ALL times in case of this pounce.

Tank: Stay near boss. Boss will enrage periodically, increasing its damage done, and this stacks based on how many Shock Wardens are alive. When a Shock Warden dies, an AOE will spawn at its corpse, and boss must be brought through that AOE to get rid of its enraged buff.

Healer: Stay with Tank, and send out plenty of resource gain synergies.

DD: Direwolf adds have a stacking snare on each attack of theirs, making it difficult to respond to AOE's and pounces, so they must be CC'd as much as possible. Preferably by Talons by Dragonknights. Shock Warden adds are PRIORITY and are a mechanic. Each Warden alive, adds another Enrage stack to the boss, reducing its damage taken. When Shock Warden dies, it drops an AOE that you must get out of. The tank will deal with the enraged boss by dragging it through that AOE.

Archivist Ernarde Fourth Boss (Color Mage)

Werewolf Behemoth now has two additional attacks. Ground Slam is a ground AOE around the werewolf that will one shot everyone except the tank, even through a block. Breath is a cone AOE in front of the boss that stays on the target, the tank when taunted. This will instantly kill the other players, so Tank cannot turn the werewolf while this attack is occurring.
The light attacks of this boss will bounce to another player, similar to the Mage on Aetherian Archive. Be mindful and try to block if a light attack is coming to you or a player near you.

Tank: The tank does not go into range of the main boss's passive AOE, and does not NEED to taunt the main boss at all (though it does help, but use the range taunt). The tank's primary focus is to watch the adds that spawn in. Both DDs should focus them down when they spawn, but in the likely chance that one of the adds DO transform into a colossal werewolf, the tank needs to go to that add, taunt it and turn it away from the DDs.
Tip: NEVER bring any of the adds toward the main boss. The main boss has a passive AOE that will enrage the adds and will likely cause for a wipe of the group.

Healer: Stay near entrance, use healing spells at range. Keep resources up for the group.

DD: Human adds will spawn in at health percentage triggers. Each DPS will want to position themselves at the add spawn locations, and immediately focus them down as they spawn in. The idea is to kill both adds before either one of them has had a chance to transform into a colossal werewolf.

Note: While both DD's are on opposite ends, be very mindful of the bubble mechanic. This is deadly if one of the DD is bubbled, and the other DD doesn't react to it fast enough.

-If one add does transform into a Colossal Werewolf, focus the non-transformed add first! If the colossal werewolf dies before the other add is killed, that other add will then Transform too, gaining huge buffs. Once the human add is down, then both DD's focus the colossal werewolf before going back to damaging main boss.

All players: Color Symbol Mechanic: Four pads of three different colors, for a total of twelve pads with the colored symbol floating above them will spawn around the room. Then the boss will start cycling through the symbols above his head, and each pad will also start randomly cycling its colored symbol. The boss will stop on one of the colored symbols and then all players must find their own pad with the same color symbol the boss landed on. Tank and Healer should prioritize the symbols near the entrance where they are for the duration of the fight, while DDs prioritize the ones on the stairs spread out to find colors in other areas of the room. Hint: While boss is cycling through colored symbols, get a good look of where the pads are around the room so you have an idea of where your nearest colors are.

Bubble Mechanic: Occasionally the boss will spawn a bubble on a random player. This will lock that player down, and will kill them if that bubble isn't destroyed within a few seconds. The DPS must burst down the bubble on whatever player it lands on as top priority.

Charged Lightning Attack: The main boss will use what looks like a lightning heavy attack on a random player. That player will have a large AOE expanding out from them, very similar to the expanding AOE of Sioria's Flare from Cloudrest. This attack will kill the player that it is focused on. To counter this, the damage must be shared by having another player run into the expanding AOE. If you have this attack on you, run into the center of the room where it's easier for another player to reach you. Only exception is the tank, if the tank has aggro of a colossal werewolf; in that situation, then the DD closest will have to run into the AOE to save the tank from being killed.

Vykosa the Ascendant + Zel and Ary Final Boss (Werewolf Khajiit + 2 Pets)

Tank: Zel and Ary, the pets, are chained to the wall and they share a single chain. If one pet pulls on the chain, it'll force the other pet back toward the wall. Taunt ONE of the pets and position it so that it pulls the chain to it's longest length (i.e. to the main boss spawn location), so that it'll force the other pet against the wall where it cannot do anything. The DDs will attack the pets, and if the one that is taunted goes down, it'll retreat back to the wall, giving the other pet range to go where it pleases. So if the non-taunted pet is still up by the time the first one goes down, that other pet MUST be taunted right away.
The main boss attacks at range and melee (she'll go in an enrage form when in melee). When she goes enrage, she'll fear nearby players and that CC must be broken quickly so you can block her heavy attacks. When she is in ranged mode, she'll put down a fear totem occasionally, and have other basic mage AOEs, and one large conal AOE. The fears are the biggest threat since they drain a lot of stamina, so be sure to communicate with your healer to receive resource synergies.
The werewolf adds do not HAVE to be taunted in, and it is advised to avoid taunting them in if DPS in group is high. But if the DPS are struggling, taunt in the werewolf adds.

Healer: Stay in center of arena, and prioritize healing tank most of the fight.

DD: Both DPS focus the Pet that was taunted by the tank. The non-taunted Pet will be pulled against the wall will it'll remain harmless, until the first pet goes down. The down pet will cower to the wall, allowing the other pet to go free. The tank will need to taunt that Pet, and then the DPS will focus that one down.

-Boss has two major phases for the DD to worry about: Pets and Adds. Both Zel and Ary (the Pets) must be down before the trigger for the add spawns otherwise the pets will break off their chain, making them very deadly to the group. Same with adds must be dead before Pets come back up.
100%: Pets will be up.
90%: Two adds will spawn.
80%: Pets will come back up.
70% Two adds will spawn again.
40% Pets broken chain when boss reach 40% of life, coz if DD are good they will be last pets of fight, just focus on 1 pet first, with not aoe, and after burns all. In the last few hp of boss tank have to try to taunt everything, especially the last 2 pet that will spawn at 20%.
30% Four Adds will spawn.
20% Pets will come back up.
10% Four Adds will spawn.

-The best way to deal with the adds to avoid cleaving down the main boss, is for them to not be taunted by the tank. Both the DD's will have to CC the adds and kite them to take them down without suffering causalities. If a werewolf add is about to heavy attack a player, this MUST BE DODGE ROLLED. Do NOT BLOCK, it will kill you through a block.
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