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With this update the Magicka Necromancer still holds a good position among magicka DDs, it is not to be considered among the top magicka because some of his skills in the most dynamic fights can lead to a decrease in the dps.
The biggest problem among his skills concerns the Blasting Blastbones skill, in the sense that it takes a good experience to combine and update the skill and the light attack, I would even say a good computer and a good connection.
The build is simple to get, it's the classic Zaan + Mother's Sorrow + Siroria; a peculiarity in the rotation is the use of the "stamina" skill Detonating Siphon, practically at no cost.
The Magecro, as I call it, unlike the other magicka dds exploits above all (for not to say only) its class passives and its ultimate, for this reason different setups can give better results, personally I noticed that an increase in the critical dmg can give better results than an increase in the critical spell, certainly in this case the choice of the race can affect, i would choose the Khajiit.
In conclusion I can say that it remains a good class to play but with some tricks that make it not always easy to use.

For how to distribute the skills open the link below:
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Open the link in a new window
Magicka DDs Gear

-Dark Elf
-High Elf
-Breton (+sustain -dmg)

The Shadow, increase the Critical Damage
The Thief, increase the Spell Critical

-Witchmothers Brew Drink: (Max Health, Max Magicka, Magicka Recovery) - Nightshade + Bervez Juice + Rice + Small Game
-Clockwork Citrus Filet: (Max Health, Max Magicka, Magicka Recovery) - Red Meat + Lemon + Frost Mirriam + Perfect Roe.
-Ghastly Eye Bowl: (Max Magicka, Magicka Recovery) - Worms, Fleshfly Larva, Bananas, Rose; to be used for the dummie test!

Essence of Spell Power (Lady's Smock, Water Hyacint, Corn Flower).

1° BAR
-Avid Boneyeard
-Stalking Blastbones
-Detonating Siphon
-Inner Light
ULTIMATE: Shooting Start/Glacia Colossus
2° BAR
-Skeletal Arcanist
-Unstable Wall
-Mystic Orb
-Barbed Trap/Channeled Acceleration
-Scalding Rune
ULTIMATE: Elemental Rage

-The Barbed Trap for close combat and the Acceleration for ranged fights.

-Pre-Fight-> Skeletal Arcanist

1)-LA-> Blastbones->

2)-LA-> Barbed Trap-> LA-> Mystic Orb-> LA-> Unstable Wall

3)-LA->Blastbones-> LA-> Avid Boneyeard + Detonating Siphon-> LA-> Degeneration-> LA-> Blastbone->

4)-LA-> Scalding Rune-> LA-> Skeletal Arcanist


-This is just an example of rotation, then you will have to find the right rhythm to update all skills when they go in cd;
-The trick of this rotation is the skill Stalking Blastbones, its cd is 8 sec, at 4 sec you have to update again, you have to see this skill as a spam skill.

1° BAR
-Ricochet Skull/any spam skill
-Stalking Blastbones
-Harness Magicka
-Intensive Mender
ULTIMATE: Shooting Start/Glacia Colossus
2° BAR
-Unnerving Boneyeard
-Unstable Wall
-Consuming Trap
-Beneficient Armor
-Inner Light
ULTIMATE: Glacial Colossus

Vet Maelstrom Arena Monster Set
Open in a new window
Might Chudan - Ruin of Mazzatun vet dungeon
Slimecraw - Wayrest Sewers I vet dungeon
Iceheart - dungeon Direfrost + Gilirion keys
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