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I will try to list below all those skills, and not just them, which can improve the damage of the group.
It will be very important for the tanks and healers in the group to use the Aggressive Horn skill at different times, so to not lose the buff.
The same goes for the DDs Necromancer and the Ultimate Colossus.
The only addon that works accurately is the Hodor Reflex, for Necromancers, tanks and healers can also use the command /rnulti but it is not as accurate as the Hodor Reflex.

Major Sorcery (Increase spell damage by 20%):
-Dragonknight Earthen Heart Ability: Molten Weapons+Morphs
-Alchemy Potion: Increase Spell Power (Cornflower, Lady's Smock, Violet Coprinus)

Minor Sorcery (Increase spell damage by 10%):
-Templar Dawn's Wrath Passive: Illuminate

Major Brutality (Increase weapon damage by 20%):
-Dragonknight Earthen Heart Ability: Igneous Weapons (Morph of Molten Weapons)
-Alchemy Potion: Increase Weapon Power (Blessed Thistle, Stinkhorn, Dragonthorn)
-Werewolf Ability: Rousing Roar (Morph of Roar)

Major Berserk (Increase Damage by 25%):
-Sorcerer Daedric Summoning Ultimate: Summon Storm Atronach+Morphs

Minor Berserk (Increase Damage by 8%):
-Combat Prayer Skill
-Armor Set: Slimecraw

Major Force (Increase Critical Damage by 15%):
-Assault Ability: Aggresive Horn (Morph of War Horn)

Minor Force (Increase Critical Damage by 10%):
-Support Ability: Stalwart Guard (Morph of Guard)

Major Slayer (Increase damage dealt in Dungeons and Trials by 15%):
-Armor Set: Master Architect
-Armor Set: War Machine

Minor Slayer (Increase damage dealt in Dungeons and Trials by 5%):
-All dmg armor set that you can loot in trials
Major Vulerability (Increase damage taken by 30%):
-Colossus Ultimate

Minor Vulerability (Increase damage taken by 8%):
-Alchemy Poison/Potion: Vulnerability (Scrib Jelly, Fleshy Larva)
-Alchemy Poison: Protection (Nightshade, Mudcrab Chitin, Beetle Scuttle)
-Armor Set: Infallible Mage (Loot)
-Agony Totem skill

Major Courage (increase Weapon Damage and Spell Damage by 258):
-Armor set: Spell Power Cure
-Armor set: Vestment of Olorime

Minor Courage (increase Weapon Damage and Spell Damage by 129):
-Armor set: Claw of Yolnahkriin
-Armor set: Powerful Assault

P.S. without careful use of these buff/skills by the group, it will not be possible to complete the most difficult contents of the gam
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