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Among the tanks it is not one of my favorites, but it does its job well, it has some skills and passives that favor damage mitigation and combined with the Nord race it can give excellent results (but with the nord race you would lose part of the sustain that you can have with the Argonian or the Imperial).
In conclusion it is a tank! it can be played in all game content, so if you love the NB class or are tired of using your NB damage dealer the NB tank won't let you down.

For get a look on the skills and their descriptions:
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NB Tank

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Tank Gear

10 Magicka 24 Health 30 Stamina

-Of course these settings can change, depending on the choice of the race and therefore the passive race;
-The ideal is to got with the food buff, more or less: +40 Health, +21k Magicka, +23k Stamina.

-Longfin Pasty With Melon Sauce - Increase Max Health by 4462 and Max Magicka and Max Stamina by 4105 for 2 hours.
-Bewitched Sugar Skulls - Increase Max Health by 4620, Max Stamina and Max Magicka by 4250, and Health Recovery by 462 for 2 hours.

Nord-> +Ultimate +Spell and Physical resistance
Argonian-> +Sustain
Imperial-> +Sustain

The Atronach

FIRST BAR - One Hand and Shield

1-Silver Leash: A skill that serves to pull enemies, comfortable but consumes so much stamina, so better not to abuse.
For extra dmg reduction, you can swap here during boss fight the skill Relentless Focus;

2-Pierce Armor: in addition to taunting nearby enemies, causes a debuff to the enemy fundamental to increase the damage of all DD, then have to be used every 12 sec even if the enemy is already tauntated, many forget it;

3-Dark Cloak: is the NB skill to regenerate hp, in addition to this giving dmg reduction, otherwise for quick recovery you can use 1 of the Vigor morph;

4-Defensive Stance: another fundamental skill to resist damage and survive, you can also try using the other morph, but this one thinks it's the best.
It can be replaced with *Stalwart Guard* (Support Skill) in case your role is off-tank;

5-Heroic Slash: this skill even if often not used properly, decreases the damage of the boss and increases the ultimate points.

ULTIMATE- Reviving Barrier: even the tanks can die, plus give to you extra magicka recovery.

SECOND BAR - Frost Staff

1-Elemental Blockade: here a flex spot for this build, in the end i choice to use this skill for the passive in the destro staff, other wise you could use the skill Dark Shade for the minor maim. I not suggest to use the skill "Lotus Fan" coz leaves the tank vulnerable (without block) for short seconds = instant death;

2-Inner Rage: range skill to taunt enemies, very important;

3-Balance: skill to regenerate magicka, to be used especially if you use frost staff (which I recommend);

4-Leeching Strikes: The NB skill to regenerate resources, always useful, the tank uses it mainly to regenerate stamina;

5-Mirage: while giving only the minor resolve, this skill also gives the major evasion, very important in some fights;

ULTIMATE-Aggressive War Horn: this is a skill that buffs the dps of the group, if you are used in 2 different moments together with the healer is not bad (do not forget to enable the command /rnulti).

-Some important skills that can be used:
-Deep Thoughts: it takes a bit of practice to use it (besides the fact that you have to finish all the psijic quest line) but it can be very useful;
-Invasion: Skill that serves to interrupt distant enemies, but also to move quickly;
-Crushing Shock: interrupt enemies, it is used in 2 bar;
-Undaunted Skills: sanguine altar + shadow silk + bone surge;
-Ultimate - Shield Discipline: allows to block all the attacks without being in block, in this way you can regenerate your stamina and smoke a cigarette ;).
-Temporal Guard: Ultimate to use for the minor protection.
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