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In this space I will try to list all the pvp sets that can be found in the game, some pve sets that can also be used in pvp will (not) be inserted but will then be inserted in the pvp builds space.
I will classify this list based on where the sets can be found and by whom they can be used (gear: light, medium, heavy) even if in pvp this is not always limiting.
I also remind everyone that the Impenetrable trait is important in pvp and should be used in all body gear.

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Light set:
Lamia Song - Arx Corinium (for healer build)
Shroud of the Lich - Crypt of Hearts
Overwhelming Surge - Tempest Island - Front set (for magicka sorcerer)

Medium set
Barkskin - Elden Hollow
Bone Pirate Tatters - Blackheart Haven
Draugr Hulk - Direfrost Keep
Essence Thief - White Gold Tower
Undaunted Infiltrator - Arx Corinium, Front set for Magicka
Viper Sting - Fungal Grotto, Front set

Heavy set
Rattlecage - Vaults of Madness, Front set for magicka
Dreugh King Slayer - Fungal Grotto, for Stamina
Leeching Plate - ICP, Front or Body set

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Light set:
Amber Plasm - Ruin of Mazzatun, Body set
Draugrkin Grip - Unhallowed Grave, Body set
Hiti - Icereach, Healer build
Hollowfang - Moongrave, Front set, Healer build
Icy Conjuror - Frostvault, Front set for magicka Warden

Medium set
Pillar of Nirm - Falkreath Hold, Front set medium, works even with the WW build
Blood Moon - MoS, for WW builds
Bloddrinker - BF, for WW or Vampire builds
Plague Slinger - Scalecaller Peak
Savage Werewolf - MHK, WW build
Scavenging Demise - DoM, Front set medium
Titanborn - Icereach, Body set

Heavy set
Aspect of Mazzatun - Ruin of Mazzatun, body set for magicka or stamina
Dragon Defilement - LoM, Body set
Frozen Watcher - DoM, for Warden build
Grave Guardian - UG, body set
Renal's Resolve - Moongrave, body set

I will list monster sets based on the type of contribution they can make: resistance or damage.
Even for pvp monster sets, those from pve can be used.

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Iceheart - Direfrost Keep, damage + resistance
Mother Ciannait - Icereach, resistance
Balorgh - MoS, damage
Domihaus - Faulkreath Hold, damage + resistance
Grothdarr - Vaults of Madness, damage
Grundwulf - Moongrave Fane, damage
Maw of Infernal - Banished Cells 2, damage
Might Chudan - Ruin of Mazzatun, resistance
Molag Kena - WGT, damage
Slimecraw - Wayrest Sewers I, damage
Thurvokun - Fang Lair, resistance

For the other lists of pvp gear open the links below:
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