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In this space I will try to list all the pvp sets that can be found in the game, some pve sets that can also be used in pvp will (not) be inserted but will then be inserted in the pvp builds space.
I will classify this list based on where the sets can be found and by whom they can be used (gear: light, medium, heavy) even if in pvp this is not always limiting.
I also remind everyone that the Impenetrable trait is important in pvp and should be used in all body gear.

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Light set
Queen Elegance - Auridon - Body set
Vampire Lord - Bangkorai - Body set-> new vampire build
Bloodthorn's Touch - Glenumbra - Body/Front set
Spinner - Malabal Tor - Body set
Necropotence - Rivenspire - Body set-> Pet build
Silks of Sun - Stonefalls - Body set-> DK magicka build
Ysgramor's Birthright - The Rift - Body set-> Warden magicka frost build

Medium Set
Spriggan - Bangkorai - Body set
Wilderqueen - Greenshade - Body set-> bow build
Salvation - Malabal Tor - Body set-> WW build
Swamp Raider - Shadofen - Body set-> Poison skills build
Red Mountain - Stonefalls - Front set

Heavy set
Seventh Legion Brute - Bangkorai - Body/Front set

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Light set
Mad Tinkerer - Clockwork City - Front set
Bright Throat Boast - Murkmire - Body set

Medium set
Flanking Strategist - Gold Coast - Front/Body set-> only for hide attack build
Briarheart - Wrothgar - Front set
Darkness - Clockwork City - Front set
Defiler - Vvardenfell - Front set
Vesture of Darloc - Elsweyr - Body set

Heavy set
Bahra's Curse - Hew's Bane - Body set-> can drop even as medium or light gear

For the other lists of pvp gear open the links below:
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