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In this space I will try to list all the pvp sets that can be found in the game, some pve sets that can also be used in pvp will (not) be inserted but will then be inserted in the pvp builds space.
I will classify this list based on where the sets can be found and by whom they can be used (gear: light, medium, heavy) even if in pvp this is not always limiting.
I also remind everyone that the Impenetrable trait is important in pvp and should be used in all body gear.

Crafted Set
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Magicka Roles:
Armor of Seducer - Base Game zone -> Body set
Magnus's Gift - Base Game zone -> Front set

Stamina Roles:
Kvatch Gladiator - Gold Coast dlc zone
Morkuldin - Wrotgar dlc zone -> Body set

All Roles:
Innate Axiom - Clockwork City dlc zone ->Body set
Shacklebreaker - Vvardenfell dlc zone -> Body set
Sload Semblance - Summerset dlc zone -> Front set
Coldharbour's Favorite - Elsweyr dlc zone -> Front set
Twice Born Star - Basic Game zone -> Body set
Ancient Dragonguard - Dragonhold dlc zone -> Body set
Daring COrsair - Dragonhold dlc zone -> Body set
Critical Risposte - Harrowstorm dlc zone -> Body set

Cyrodill Set
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Magicka Roles
Knight Slayer - Front set
Phoenix - DK Magicka builds

Stamina Roles
Battlefield Acrobat - Body set
Hawk's Eye - Body set -> Bow Builds
Kyne's Kiss - Front set-> Bow Builds
Marksman's Crest - Body set -> Bow Builds
Soldier of Anguish - Front set
Morag Tong - Front set -> Poison builds
Crest of Cyrodiil - Body set -> Heavy gear

All Roles
Imperial Physique - Body set -> Imperial City Builds

For the other lists of pvp gear open the links below:
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Dungeons PVP Gear
Zone PVP Gear
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